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Oudeberg Nature Reserve lies just 40km inland from South Africa’s coastal Garden Route and is located on the border of the Western and Eastern Cape provinces.
The private reserve comprises Quaggasberg Lodge and 8,000 acres of pristine wilderness. Oudeberg adjoins the 3,000 square kilometre Baviaanskloof (“Valley of Baboons”) Mega-Reserve, a unique conservation area where 6 out of South Africa’s 7 biomes are represented, one reason why it is a World Heritage Site.
As a pristine natural environment, we aim to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity patterns and critical ecological processes in the area. Re-wilding, restoring, and preserving this corner of Africa as a wilderness is our motivation and we hope these artist residencies will help us with this goal, and at the same time inspire others. Oudeberg is an ever-changing landscape, especially as it recovers from a veld fire that swept over its land in 2017, and is full of surprises, both majestic and insect-sized. Whilst you are unlikely to encounter the elusive Cape leopard, a species we are passionate about protecting in these mountains, you will have no shortage of opportunities to experience the inspirations of the natural world: from "table cloth" clouds hanging over the mountain range, to the stars at night, the delicate spoor of porcupine deposited overnight, endemic fynbos plants, to the surprisingly quick pace of tortoises and the sound of silence except for a calling Bokmakierie.
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